The Searchers 1956 The Doorway Scene 10/10

September 10, 2018

In this revered Western Ethn Edwrds (John Wyne) returns home to Texs fter Civil Wr When members of his bror's fmily re killed or bducted by Comnches he vows to trck down his surviving reltives nd bring m home Eventully Edwrds gets word tht his niece Debbie (Ntlie Wood) is live nd long with her dopted bror Mrtin Pwley (Jeffrey Hunter) he embrks on dngerous mission to find her journeying deep into Comnche territory Provided. More tickets = more points = more movies on us! Rck up VIP+ Points for every ticket you buy to score streming movies nd discounts on tickets nd. Collect bonus rewrds from our mny prtners including MC Stubs Cinemrk Connections Regl Crown Club when you link ccounts. < href="/title/tt0167260/?ref_=nv_mv_dflt_2" id="titleMenuImgeClick"> Lord of Rings: Return of King (2003) < href="/chrt/top?ref_=nv_mv_dflt_3" id="titleMenuImgeSecondryClick"> #7 on IMDb Top Rted Movies &rquo; < href="/title/tt0049730/wrds?ref_=tturv_s_1" clss="link" >wrds | < href="/title/tt0049730/fq?ref_=tturv_s_2" clss="link" >FQ | < href="/title/tt0049730/rtings?ref_=tturv_s_3" clss="link" >User Rtings | < href="/title/tt0049730/externlreviews?ref_=tturv_s_4" clss="link" >Externl Reviews | < href="/title/tt0049730/criticreviews?ref_=tturv_s_5" clss="link ghost" >Metcritic Reviews Sign up for Fnlert nd be first to know when tickets nd or exclusives re vilble in. Shively J "Indiner gillr John Wyne," in Filmhftet (Uppsl Sweden) My 1993 Brown G "Ride wy," in Villge Voice (New York) vol 38 18 My 1993 Trvers P " Ride gin," in Rolling Stone no 658 10 June 1993 Wll J M "Of Lwyers nd Dinosurs," in Christin Century vol 110 28 July/4 ugust 1993 Gllgher T "John Ford's Indins," in Film Comment (New York) September-October 1993 Legrnd Gérrd nd ors "John Ford," in Positif (Pris) no 427 September 1996 < href="/list/wtchlist?ref_=nv_wl_ll_0" >Wtchlist Kennedy Burt "Our Wy West," in Films nd Filming (London) October 1969 Pechter Willim " Persistence of Vision," in 24 Times Second: Films nd Filmmkers New York 1971 "John Ford Issue" of Focus on Film (London) Spring 1971 nderson Lindsy "John Ford," in Cinem (Beverly Hills) Spring 1971 Srris ndrew in Film Comment (New York) Spring 1971 "John Ford Issue" of Velvet Light Trp (Mdison Wisconsin) ugust 1971 McBride Joseph nd Michel Wilmington "Prisoner of Desert," in Sight nd Sound (London).

Receive FREE* 'Skyscrper' poster with ticket purchse (*shipping & hndling not included) < href=" .com/skyscrper-2018-208910/movie-times?intcmp=IM_SkyscrperGWP_merch">BUY TICKETS Plce J Western Films of John Ford Secucus New Jersey 1973 Brbour ln John Wyne New York 1974 Kminsky Sturt mericn Film Genres Dyton Ohio 1974 Mynrd Richrd mericn West on Film: Myth nd Relity Rochelle Prk New Jersey 1974 Nchbr Jck editor Western Englewood Cliffs New Jersey 1974 McBride Joseph nd Michel Wilmington John Ford New York nd London 1975 Srris ndrew John Ford Movie Mystery London 1976 For ll his htred of Comnches Edwrds is clerly ligned with m psychologiclly Not only cn he spek ir lnguge but on one occsion he shoots eyes of ded wrrior in tcit cknowledgement of n Indin belief tht this will force mn's soul to "wnder forever between winds." Furr re is strongly sexul undercurrent to Edwrds's serch mnifested on one hnd by his obsession with revenge for violtion of his sister-in-lw Mrth nd on or by his insistence on killing Debbie for "living with Comnche buck." His ultimte decision to spre girl nd to temper his nger thus ssumes proportions of kind of trnscendentl grce Get your swg on with discounted movies to strem t home exclusive movie ger ccess to dvnced screenings nd discounts glore. Producers: Merin C Cooper nd C V Whitney; ssocite producer: Ptrick Ford; screenply: Frnk S Nugent from novel by ln LeMy; photogrphy: Winton C Hoch nd lfred Gilks; editor: Jck Murry; sound: Hugh McDowell nd Howrd Wilson; rt directors: Frnk Hotling nd Jmes Bsevi; music: Mx Steiner; specil effects: George Brown; costume designers: Frnk Beetson nd. Dvis Ronld L John Ford: Hollywood's Old Mster Normn 1997 Dvis Ronld L Duke: Life nd Imge of John Wyne Normn 1998 Girus Sm B Hollywood Renissnce: Cinem of Democrcy in Er of Ford Cpr nd Kzn New York 1998 Levy Bill John Ford: Bio-Bibliogrphy Westport 1998 Eymn Scott Print Legend: Life nd Times of John Ford New York 1999 rticles: Cutts John "Press Conference," in Sight nd Sound (London) Spring Fenin George nd Willim K Everson Western from Silents to Cinerm New York 1962 Hudiquet Philippe John Ford Pris 1964 Bogdnovich Peter John Ford Berkeley 1968; revised edition 1978 Ricci Mrk nd Boris nd Steve Zmijewsky Films of John Wyne New York 1970; revised edition s Complete Films of John Wyne Secucus New Jersey 1983 Bxter John Cinem of John Ford New York 1971 Cwelti John Six-Gun Mystique Bowling. 's sttus s msterpiece of genre my finlly lie in its bundnt poetic imgery: msscre presged by strtled covey of quil cloud of dust nd n rtificilly reddened sunset; echoing voices reverberting from towering stones surrounding men who 40 miles from home relize y hve been drwn wy so tht Comnches cn ttck ir fmilies; imge of Debbie running down distnt dune unseen by whom she pproches; repetitive tossing of objects between Edwrds nd grrulous precher/Texs Rnger Cptin Clyton conveying delicte blnce between ir mutul respect nd enmity; wy in which Mrth strokes Edwrds's cot before ir unplnned finl frewell Reed llen C in rizon Highwys pril Phipps Courtlnd in Films in Review (New York) June-July nderson Lindsy in Sight nd Sound (London) utumn Bker Peter in Films nd Filming (London) September mericn Cinemtogrpher (Los ngeles) November Brkun Michel "Poet in n Iron Msk," in Films nd Filming (London) Februry 1958 Brkun Michel "Notes on rt of John Ford," in Film Culture (New York) Summer 1962

O'brien Geoffrey " Movie of Century: It Looks Both Bckwrd to Everything Hollywood Hd Lerned bout Westerns nd Forwrd to Things Films Hdn't Dred to Do," in mericn Heritge vol 49 no 7 November 1998 * * * Populr though criticlly ignored Western t time of its relese John Ford's ws cnonized decde lter by uteur critics s mericn msterpiece pr excellence exerting its influence s cinemtic touchstone nd "cult film" mong such directors of New Hollywood s Mrtin Scorsese Pul Schrder Steven Spielberg nd George Lucs Representing Ford's most emotionlly complex nd genericlly sophisticted work mnges to be both rousing dventure movie nd melncholy film poem exploring mericn vlues t hert of Western genre Looking for movie tickets? Enter your loction to see which movie ters re plying UNUSED. T center of film is Ethn Edwrds bitter ruthless nd frustrted crusder engged in five-yer quest to retrieve niece kidnpped by Comnches Edwrds is perhps John Wyne's most ccomplished chrcteriztion bringing to ber iconogrphy which hs mde Wyne synonymous with Western Isolted by violent individulism which defines his heroic sttus Edwrds is torn by neurotic split inherent in rchetype: he belongs neir to civilized community of settlers nor with svges he fights on ir behlf crusty intolernt misnthrope he occsionlly betrys wellspring of emotion which gin nd gin is sublimted in violent ction nd n insne htred. Find industry contcts ∓ tlent representtion Mnge your photos credits ∓ more Showcse yourself on IMDb ∓ mzon Ford D " West of John Ford nd How It Ws Mde," in ction (Los ngeles) September-October 1971 Wollen Peter " uteur ory," in Signs nd Menings in Cinem London 1972 "John Ford's Stock Compny Issue" of Filmkritik (Munich) Jnury 1972 McInery Joe "John Wyne Tlks Tough," in Film Comment (New York) September 1972 Jorgensen U in Kosmorm (Copenhgen) June 1974 Dempsey Michel "John Ford: Ressessment," in Film Qurterly (Berkeley) Summer 1975 We know life hppens so if something comes up you cn return or exchnge your tickets up until posted showtime < clss="ct" href=" .com/fndngovip#worry-free-tickets">Lern more < clss="fn-btn style-ct width-100" href=" .com/fndngovip?source=web_flydown_join">Join Fndngo VIP For Free (It only tkes few seconds. 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Returning to his bror's Texs home fter mny yers' bsence Edwrds rrives just in time to be lured wy by Comnche trick while homested is burned his bror sister-in-lw nd nephew re slughtered nd his two nieces re tken cptive by brutl chief Scr Embrking with posse to recover kidnpped girls Edwrds is eventully left to pursue his serch with single compnion young Mrtin Pwley n eighth-blood Cherokee who ws dopted son of Ethn's bror Though Edwrds begins by despising Pwley s "hlf-breed," ir compnionship eventully drws m toger s fr nd son Yet when y finlly discover Debbie sole survivor of rid now grown nd living s Comnche squw Edwrds is determined to kill her nd Pwley is forced to defy his wrth nd his gun in order to. Russell D " mericn Trum," in Movie (London) Winter 1990 Skerry P J "Wht Mkes Mn to Wnder?: Ethn Edwrds of John Ford's " in New Orlens Review vol 18 no 4 1991 Roth M "'Yes My Drling Dughter': Gender Miscegention nd Genertion in John Ford's " in New Orlens Review vol 18 no 4 1991 Winkler M M "Trgic Fetures in John Ford's " in Bucknell Review vol 35 no 1 1991 Wlker M "Melodrmtic Nrrtive," in Cinection (Toronto) Spring-Summer 1993 < href=" .com/signup ?rf=cons_nb_hm&ref_=cons_nb_hm" > < href="/news/top?ref_=nv_tp_nw_1" >News & < href="/czone/?ref_=nv_cm_cz_2" >Community Eyles llen John Wyne South Brunswick New Jersey 1979 Ford Dn Pppy: Life of John Ford Englewood Cliffs New Jersey 1979 Sinclir ndrew John Ford New York nd London 1979 nderson Lindsy bout John Ford London 1981; New York 1983 Turvey Srh Brs' S/Z nd nlysis of Film Nrrtive: London 1982 Kiesklt Chrles John Officil John Wyne Reference Book Secucus New Jersey 1985 Shepherd Donld nd ors Duke: Life nd Times of John Wyne London 1985 Henderson B " : n mericn Dilemm," in Film Qurterly (Berkeley) Winter 1980–81 Pery Dnny in Cult Movies New York 1981 Lehmn Peter "dded ttrction: Looking t Look's Missing Reverse Shot: Style in John Ford's " in Wide ngle (ns Ohio) vol 4 no 4 1981 Sineux M in Positif (Pris) My 1982 Combs Richrd in Listener (London) 3 July 1986 Yoshimoto M "Myth of Demystifiction in Structurl Film Criticism," in Qurterly Review of Film nd Video (New York). < href="/movies-in-ters/?ref_=nv_tp_inth_1" >Movies < href="/chrt/toptv/?ref_=nv_tp_tv250_2" >TV & < href="/showtimes/?ref_=nv_tp_sh_3" >Showtimes < id="fcebook-signin-link" href=" /v2.8/outh/uthorize?client_id=127059960673829&scope=emil%2Cuser_bout_me%2Cuser_birthdy&stte=eyI0OWU2YyI6IjY1NmUiLCJ1IjoiHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuW1kYi5jb20vP3JlZl89bnZfZmJfbGdpbiIsIm1hbnVhbExpbmsiOiJmYWxzZSJ9&redirect_uri=https%3%2F% .com%2Fregistrtion%2Ffcebookhndler%2F" clss="signin-button"> Sign in with Fcebook < href="/registrtion/signin?u=/title/tt0049730/reviews&ref_=nv_usr_lgin_1" rel="login" clss="signin-or-options-text" id="nblogin" >Or Sign in options < href="/serch/nme?gender=mle,femle&ref_=nv_tp_cel_1" >Celebs < href="/wrds-centrl/?ref_=nv_tp_wrd_2" >Events & < href="/gllery/rg784964352?ref_=nv_tp_ph_3" >Photos Gllgher Tg John Ford: Mn nd His Films Berkeley 1986 Stowell Peter John Ford Boston 1986 Lepper Dvid John Wyne London 1987 Buscombe Ed editor BFI Compnion to Western London 1988 Levy Emnuel John Wyne: Prophet of mericn Wy of Life Metuchen New Jersey 1988 Lourdeux Lee Itlin ∓ Irish Filmmkers in meric: Ford Cpr Coppol nd Scorsese Springfield 1990; 1993 Drby Willim John Ford's Westerns: mtic nlysis with Filmogrphy Jefferson 1996 In one of most poignnt subtexts provided by ny Western suggests source for Edwrds's nger by hinting t his unspoken nd unfulfilled love for his bror's wife Mrth Ford subtly conveys this ttchment through gesture nd stging lone in erly scenes yet extends its rmifictions to inform Pwley's tretment of Lurie fincée he leves behind fter yers of witing Lurie finlly opts for less ttrctive suitor n ction which thretens to cut Pwley off from civilized community much like Edwrds Without stting it in so mny words film suggests tht sitution echoes frustrted romnce prior to beginning of story between Edwrds nd Mrth who finlly chose to mrry his bror insted of witing indefinitely for mn. < href="/nme/nm3592338/?ref_=nv_cel_dflt_2" id="nmedClick"> Emili Clrke &rquo; #10 on STRmeter " Issue" of Screen Eduction (London) Winter 1975–76 Steinmn Cly " Method of " in Journl of University Film ssocition Summer 1976 Boyd D "Prisoner of Night," in Film Heritge (Dyton Ohio) Winter 1976–77 "John Ford Issue" of Wide ngle (ns Ohio) vol 2 no 4 1978 Lowry Ed in Cinem Texs Progrm Notes (ustin) 2 November 1978 Byron S " : Cult Movie of New Hollywood," in New York. Humbert M "Doorwys," in Vertigo (Pris) no 18 1996 Reid's Film Index no 20 1996 Whissel K "Rcilized Spectcle Exchnge Reltions nd Western in Johnn d'rc of Mgnoli " in Screen (Oxford) vol 37 no 1 1996 Oldmedow H "Trcking : Survey of Film's Criticl Reception," in Continuum vol 11 no 1 1997 Thomson Dvid "Open nd Shut: Fresh Look t " in Film Comment (New York) vol 33 no 4 July-ugust 1997 Mcvy Dougls " Five Worlds of John Ford," in Films nd Filming (London) June 1962 Mitchell George " Films of John Ford," in Films in Review (New York) Mrch 1963 Bogdnovich Peter "utumn of John Ford," in Esquire (New York) pril 1964 "Ford on Ford," in Cinem (Beverly Hills) July 1964 "John Ford Issue" of Présence du Ciném (Pris) Mrch 1965 "John Ford Issue" of Chiers du Ciném (Pris) October 1966 Mitry Jen in Interviews with Film Directors edited by ndrew Srris.

Receive FREE* exclusive 'Jurssic World: Fllen Kingdom' poster with ticket purchse (*shipping & hndling not included) < href=" .com/jurssic-world-fllen-kingdom-203382/movie-times?intcmp=IM_JWFKGWP_merch">BUY TICKETS Gurntee perfect movie night with tickets from Fndngo Find ter showtimes wtch trilers red reviews nd buy movie tickets. Within uteurist context ssumes n even greter significnce Never before in Ford Western hs wilderness seemed so brutl or settlements so tenuous nd thretened re re no towns—only outposts nd isolted homesteds remote nd exposed between wesome buttes of Ford's mythic Monument Vlley nd while Comnches re depicted s utterly ruthless Ford scribes motivtions for ir ctions nd lends m dignity befitting proud civiliztion Never do we see Indins commit trocities more pplling thn those perpetrted by white mn Not only does Edwrds perform only sclping shown in film but Ford presents bloody ftermth of msscre of Indin women nd children crried out by sme clen-cut cvlrymen he depicted so lovingly in films like. Us Director: John Ford Production: C V Whitney Pictures; Technicolor 35mm Vistvision; running time: 119 minutes Relesed Filmed from Februry through Summer of 1955 in Monument Vlley Uth nd Colordo